Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I thought I had

The perfect trick for actually getting out into the field today; I had agreed to give the McMurdo Wednesday Science Lecture.  I figure- I have a commitment now- of course the fates would conspire to make me break it?

But no.  Weather report from Roosevelt Island:  Surface definition Nil, horizon definition Poor.  The surface and horizon are two things that the pilots really need to be able to see in order to land safely.  Not to be seen today, though.  

So that meant I had to give the talk I'd agreed to give :)

I think it went ok.  Here's the promotional poster they created for the talk- it looks pretty exciting!

We're on the board for tomorrow as well, but the weather forecast isn't great.  Wish us luck!


At 02:31, Blogger Fire n Ice said...

Nice promo poster, Bob! Wish I had been there for it ... you know, Wednesday night science lectures usually mean cookies (because Wednesday is still "cookie day", right?)



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