Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday in Mactown

Well, the snow that was promised for today showed up, and in fact just about when it was promised! We were immediately canceled for a Roosevelt Island trip, but there was a possibility of a trip to Siple Dome; but that was quickly nixed as well.  

Here, you can see the snow in the air; what you can't see is Observation Hill behind me.  On a clear day, just above the buildings in the background you'd see a large, dark hill composed of volcanic rock.  Not today!  It underscores the poor visibility.  I spent most of the day working on improvements to my logging box.  It was already capable of logging data, but I have now made it easier to work with- I described it to a colleague over dinner as having been the "Volkswagen" model, and I'm improving it to the "BMW" version.  

At the end of the day, I volunteered to wash dishes again.  But this evening the dishes were finished quickly, so they moved me to sweeping and mopping.  My colleague Ross Virginia happened by ans snapped this shot for posterity!  Just looking for a way to be of use around here.  Tomorrow is Sunday, when all of McMurdo shuts down for the day.  I'd hoped to volunteer to help out with the McMurdo Marathon, but it's been cancelled on account of poor weather.  Then Monday we're back to playing Airplane Bingo- stay tuned!


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