Tuesday, January 22, 2013

High hopes, top priority.... FOG.

Well, yesterday restored my trust that there are aircraft in the vicinity, and they do fly, and in fact I can fly on them.  So for some reason I awoke this morning with higher expectations than before; partly that was also due to the fact that we were first on the priority list for this morning's flight.

But it was not to be.  Shortly before the fixed-wing coordinator called me, I got a call from Roosevelt Island; and it was foggy.  So, no flight today.  

I washed dishes again in the galley, and I was thinking about just how many plates there are to wash when there are almost 900 people on station.  But the guy across from me also washing dishes had been in the navy, where he worked on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier- a ship that carries over 5000 people!  It made me wonder about what the galley looks like on a ship like that- more than 5 times the size!  

In any case, we're top on the priority list for tomorrow's flight as well, and I've volunteered to give a science talk in the evening if we don't fly, so perhaps having made this commitment, that's what's required for us to actually fly.  As ever, fingers crossed!


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