Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday at McMurdo

No, not the novel, which I haven't read yet (though it promises to be a thrill), but an actual Monday at McMurdo.  

Perhaps obviously, we didn't fly anywhere today.  I actually spent most of the day working on a paper that I hope to submit soon, so in the end it was productive in that way at least.  

Also, it happened that the craft room was open after dinner, and I'd heard that the craft room had a sewing machine.  I needed to mend both my trousers and my cap, so I spent a little while working on that; below is the result; the hat used to be blue, my first round of patches was green, over a year ago, and this round of patches was red- it's gore-tex from a discarded pair of OR overboots.  So the hat is ready for the field- and I have to say I am too.  We're alternates for tomorrow as usual, so it's the 7am phone call to let us know yes or no.  Stay tuned!  


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