Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another day in Mactown- but we're on the schedule!

 Another morning call that we were not to fly today.  I spent some time working on my datalogging system for my temperature probe (the brass cylinder in the front) that will go down the deep borehole.  The probe talks to the silver box to the left of the computer, which in turn talks to the computer, which can log and display the data. I've been working on the little silver box, and hope to eventually get it configured so that we don't need the computer at all; but for now, logging to the computer is our best bet.

Also, the great thing that happened today was that not one but three aircraft were able to get in to the field camp that was ahead of us on priority.  So we're now bumped up to priority one for tomorrow- and we're even on the schedule!  I was so excited I took a picture of it...

As I usually say, hopeful again for tomorrow!  Fingers crossed for good weather at Roosevelt.  


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