Friday, January 18, 2013

High hopes, but low visibility...

Today the weather dawned beautiful and fresh in McMurdo, and we were first priority on the flight list, but it was not to be.  About 5 minutes before our 7am check in with the flight coordinators, the phone rang and it was the camp at Roosevelt Island calling- the weather wasn't good.

So, cancelled again today.  And that was our shot at priority, tomorrow we're the backup for another flight- if they are cancelled we'll see if we can go.  

But also, there's weather coming to McMurdo as well- the forecast is for heavy snow and high winds starting tomorrow afternoon- though that wouldn't keep us from taking off and getting to Roosevelt Island, the pilots also consider how they will get home again, so that could ground everyone.  

We'll see.  More tomorrow!  Today I spent some time configuring my logging electronics for internal (SD card) storage- so more improvements.  I also volunteered for dish crew, washing pots and pans for a couple of hours after dinner.  I never realized how much it takes to feed the whole station population of 900!


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