Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday- Deja vu

Tuesday's just about over, with Nothink to report (Tintin fans may recognize this from "Flight 714").

Not even a photograph.  

It's beginning to feel a little like the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day", in which Bill Murray's character wakes up every morning and replays the same day over and over.

1) Wake up
2) Check the weather
3) Check the flight schedule
4) Grab breakfast (don't skimp, because when you are flying in the polar regions, it might be a long time until your next meal)
5) Get to my office for a 7am phone call from Fixed Wing Air Operations
6) Get the call- no flying.
7) Work on other things for the rest of the day
8) Repeat.  

I did get a manuscript finished and sent out to my coauthors today, which is good progress.  

But the clock is ticking, and we should be in the field.  Ever Hopeful!


At 16:47, Anonymous Jennifer said...

Hi Bob, I am working on a science blog web archiving collection for the Library of Congress and I would like to capture your adventures in cold clime. I need your contact info- email and full name so we can email you something more official and asking permission to capture.
Jennifer Harbster email- jehar@loc.gov


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