Sunday, August 20, 2006

The plan worked!

This morning we had some luck yet again- we made it to Summit! Hope it lasts.

It wasn't without the standard amount of wondering if we were actually going to get called to go, waiting for another hour, speculating on what decisions may or may not get made (it turns out that people waiting for an airplane in the polar regions develop a keen interest and expertise in meterology, aviation, and psychology!)...

But in the end we got up to Summit, and immediately borowed a snowmachine to see if we could get some good footage of the plane taking off:

The crew set up at the side of the skiway, shooting the plane as it taxis downwind.

We then had some dinner and got ready to go out and do some actual science! In this case, the plan was for me to complete the training of the science techs, which would make good material for the film crew. I'd started training the techs while we were stuck in Kangerlussuaq, which was a great help. We ended up working and shooting until about 11. The current plan is to fly back tomorrow around mid-day, following the Jacobshavn glacier which can have some pretty spectacular scenery for filming. There's more to do here though, so we'll get up eeeearly tomorrow to finish it up before the flight arrives.

As usual, it's really great to see all the folks here who have become good friends over the years. Wish I had more time to catch up with them!


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