Friday, June 09, 2006

To Kangerlussuaq, then home

With all my work at Summit and more completed, I flew to Kangerlussuaq 2 days ago. After washing some clothes, getting a shower, and arranging my things for my return this August, I set about trying to do some good around Kangerlussuaq.

The shop at Summit, with Sundogs. Sundogs are atmospheric optics created by ice crystals in the atmosphere.

Here in Kangerlussuaq, today we took a trip out to see the Russel Glacier, one of the outlet glaciers at the edge of the ice sheet. It was a 30 minute drive and then about a 40 minute hike, and the glacier was fantastic.

The Russell Glacier. As we watched, a decent-sized chunk of it fell off and into the river below.

From here, it's back to the states, for some time in Seattle working on my University of Washington research. Then back to Cambridge. Then, in August, I'll be back on the ice for a whirlwind weeks tour of Kangerlussuaq, Raven, and Summit- tune in then!


At 05:41, Blogger Alice said...

Hi Bob, just wanted to say I've been enjoying your posts. Got a friend who has just been sent to Barrow, AK for an archaeological dig - amongst the polar bears - but I have to say, your life looks colder!

Look forward to you back on the ice!


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