Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Mouse in the House

At Summit, there is no designated dishwasher or cleaner. Instead, everyone in camp takes turns doing the cleaning chores. It's called being the "House Mouse", and today it was my turn. When you wash dishes for 35 or so people, it turns into quite a job, and along with vacuuming, wiping down tables, mopping, taking out the trash, and all the other standard little chores that keep a house clean, it takes up most of the day.

Here I'm in the scullery, finishing up the lunch dishes. The white counter at the front of the scullery gets filled with dishes by the end of each meal.


At 13:34, Blogger Chris. G said...

Im at bit of House Mouse at work aswell, just been glad you get to swap. I have some of the hardest jobs at work. Doing the carpet cleaning for an office with 14 floors between 6 of us is a really hard task.


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