Friday, June 02, 2006

A mission of opportunity!

Short post this evening, because I'm just back from a late-ish night out at a site several kilomaters away. A group here at Summit has been drilling a core and sampling firn gasses for the past week, and today they finished drilling. For me, anytime there's a borehole available, it makes sense to log it, because the more data I have the more things I might be able to do, and it only takes a short time to log a 100m hole. So this evening after dinner I loaded up the sled and went out to the site, and logged the fresh borehole.

The camera descends into the borehole.

It was a nice night, although it felt a bit chilly (it's about -23c as I write this) while standing around as the camera descended. Since we were going in the evening, I invited Sarah, the cook, along to help and see the sights. Cooks rarely get an opportunity to get out of camp or see science in action because they work in the kitchen all day, and Sarah had a great time. Thanks for coming Sarah!


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