Monday, August 21, 2006

More logging, more filming, back to Kangerlussuaq, but no Jakobshavn Glacier!

So, as advertised, we were up at dawn this morning (well, not really at dawn, as the sun only dipped below the horizon briefly during the night...) for more logging and filming. I'd finished the training for the science techs last night, so I was working alone this morning. I extended the casings on each borehole (they are buried by the new snow that falls each year), and finished logging the rest of the holes as the film crew got lots of good footage. It was perfect for filming, because I was doing almost exactly the same thing at 3 different boreholes, so there were lots of opportunities for them. I still ended up doing things multiple times for the camera, but that's the way it is in the film business!

I finish up the logging as the cameras roll.

As usual, it was then a rush to get all our stuff packed before the plane arrived, and we had another mad dash on a snowmachine out to the skiway in an attempt to catch the plane landing, but to no avail, as they landed farther up the skiway than we could get in the time we had.

So after about 18 hours, we said goodbye to Summit again. Unfortunately, the weather over the Jacobshavn glacier was bad, so we didn't even try to fly over it on the way home; there would have been nothing to see anyway!

Now the real question on everyones mind is: will we get out to Raven? The weather there has continued to be warm and the surface has been soft. But there has been a prediction of cooling for the next day or two, so we are hopeful. Even if we do get in, it's likely that anyone who gets off the plane will stay the night, and the plane could also get stuck. Since the film crew needs to be back on the rotator flight on Wednesday, they won't be able to come out to my site with me. So, the plan for tomorrow: Flight to Raven, the film crew hop off for a few minutes to shoot unloading the plane, and the plane takes off, flies down the Jakobshavn glacier while I do my work at Raven, and then comes back to pick me up. They've already told me that if they have trouble getting off the skiway when they drop me off, they won't be coming back for me, so I've got everything I need to be comfortable overnight. And of course there's still the possiblity that we get scrubbed altogether for tomorrow, if the weather at Raven doesn't cool off or if visibility is poor. Fingers crossed!


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