Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Back from Raven...

In the morning, I awoke to fine, cool weather. This was very good news, as if I was going to make it home on schedule (always good if you have a 10 month old daughter at home), I needed to get back to Kangerlussuaq today.

After enjoying some fresh home-roasted coffee that I'd brought for Mark and Lou (they generously shared with me!), we set about getting cargo ready for the plane, which was planning to come in, on schedule, midmorning. When we got out to the flightline, Mark was ready in the Piston Bully, waiting to haul pallets out to the plane to be loaded.

Mark in the Piston Bully.

The plane landed, and following the Golden Rule of getting places in the polar regions ("If the aircraft lands, get on it!"), I got on it. An uneventful flight brought me back to Kangerlussuaq, where Sparky regaled me with tales of yesterday's Jakobshavn glacier flight. Apparently they'd harnessed the cameraman and a loadmaster, and opened up the rear door and ramp as they flew low over the glacier, so the cameraman could film out through the back unobstructed. It sounded like a spectacular flight, and I was sorry to have missed it, but glad I was able to get my science done in good time. Now it's just get my cargo sorted, bring it to Air Greenland, and get on the plane home tomorrow!


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