Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Commuting to Raven

I didn't post yesterday, because it was a day of layover, in town, and there didn't seem to be too much to write about. Today was different, though. I flew to Raven, did my work there, and managed to catch the last plane back from Raven, completing my round-trip in one day, something I'd never done before. I had to work fast.

The flight to Raven takes us out over the ice edge, where the ice sheet comes out towards the coast and spreads its fingers wide.

Ice spreading out at the edge of the ice sheet. Its surface is crossed with many cravasses, cracks formed when the ice is under stress. Some crevasses can be quite deep and present a hazard to people trying to get across the ice.

I arrived at Raven, where Drew and Silver are just finishing out thier season. They gave me a warm welcome, and I wished I could stay around longer to visit with them, but I had to be off to my site and get to work if I wanted to catch the last plane home.

Drew Abbott, at Raven camp.

To make a quick story short, everything went fine and I was able to catch the last plane out. On the flight back, I was invited up to the flight deck and we flew in low over the ice edge which was a treat.

Look at the color of the water in this melt pool! These pools collect at the surface late in the summer and eventually drain to the glacier bed.

Crevasses on the way back to Kangerlussuaq. Imagine trying to find a safe route through there!


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