Sunday, August 07, 2005

Headed back out!

Well, I've been officially on the go for about 24 hours by now. Not 24 hours straight, mind you, but I left Cambridge a little over 24 hours ago. This will really be a whirlwind tour- in 8 days, I'll go from Cambridge to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq, Kangerlussuaq to Raven Camp, Raven Camp to Kangerlussuaq, Kangerlussuaq to Summit Camp, Summit Camp to Kangerlussuaq, Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Cambridge. That's a lot of flying. 8 flights in 8 days, to be exact. You might think this means I'll be flying every day, but in fact tomorrow I won't fly at all, because there are no flights available. Of course this means that at some point I have 2 flights on one day, and hopefully that will happen in Tuesday. My goal for Tuesday is to fly to Raven, get my work done as quickly as possible, and get back that afternoon. Then Wendesday I'll fly to Summit, spend the night, fly back to Kangerlussuaq Thursday, and head back to Copenhagen Friday, to Cambridge Saturday.

So how does this all start out? Well, I don't own a car, so to get to the airport I needed to transport me, cold weather gear (22 Kilos of it), and my other gear (10 kilos of that) to the bus station. Fortunately I have a bicycle trailer.

It's mandatory to spend the night in Copenhagen, because the flight to Greenland leaves at 9:15 in the morning, and no flight from England can get there that early. Similarly, on the way back, the flight from Greenland arives at 7:30, and no connections will get back to England that night. So I flew to Copenhagen, checked my luggage at the counter, and took the train into Copenhagen to my hotel. After checking in, I took a stroll past Tivoli Gardens, along the famous pedestrian streets of Copenhagen. It was a lively saturday night and there were many people out and about. In the morning, I took the train back to the airport again and got on the plane to get here, Kangerlussuaq.

Tomorrow, the 109th Air National Guard will arrive with 3 LC-130's and many more passengers headed out to the camps. I'll get my things ready to go for tuesday, and might start work on a manuscript that I'm preparing. But for now, it's time to relax fo the evening!


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