Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Well, our flights to the field were officially cancelled right around noon today. The irony is that the weather at our destinations was fine, it was the weather back here in Kangerlussuaq that made the pilots worried. The worry was compounded when, just before noon, an Air Greenland flight from Copenhagen was turned away due to the fog and had to land in Keflavik, Iceland (the closest airport large enough to land a full-size airliner).

The fog which caused our delay

So we no longer had to "stand by to stand by" and were free to take the afternoon off. I went along witha few others up to the hills outside of town to see if there were any Musx Oxen out and about. We did see a few, but only from a great distance.

Musk oxen, seen from a great distance...

Ed Stockard, paraglider pilot and veteran of many seasons in Antarctica and Greenland, considers the possibilities of soaring near Kangerlussuaq.

In the evening after dinner, we had a presentation by a group of architecture students who have designed a new structure to replace the various buildings at Summit.

Tomorrow morning, we'll get up and try the whole thing all over again, same schedule, different day, and hopefully different weather! here's to clear skies!


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