Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The inevitable weather-delay

Got up this morning bright and early, after nearly falling asleep at the keyboard posting last night's entry, and got myelf ready to go- organize and pack the last minute items, get into the warm clothing, and then...

the fog came in.

So, now, we're in the mode known to polar workers as "Hurry up and wait". We have to be ready to go at a moment's notice, but we could be delayed for hours.

Seth (also heading to Summit this week) waits in the fog with everyone's luggage.

Some passengers take the opportunity to catch up on sleep the was lost to last minute packing and organizing chores at home or in town.

I took the opportunity to catch up with Robin Abbott, who co-ordinates Greenland logistics for the NSF contractor, VECO Polar Resources. Robin's been working in the polar regions for years and really knows what's going on in Greenland. She lives in Kangerlussuaq about 4 months each year, throughout the summer science season. Her job involves, among other things, co-ordinating cargo and passenger movements for many field groups in Greenland. At any given time she might be talking to the air national guard about how many pounds of cargo they can carry on the next flight, or talking to a contract pilot who needs the co-ordinates of the camp he's supposed to fly to today. Because of the weather, plans change quickly and everyone needs to be flexible. Robin does a great job of staying ahead of the constantly changing schedule, always ready with alternatives.

Robin Abbott, Greenalnd logistics coordinator

With any luck, I'll get to fly out soon, so the next post will likely be when I get back from Raven- wish me luck!


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