Thursday, August 11, 2005

Back to Kangerlussuaq

This morning, all my work at Summit completed, I packed up my sleeping bag and boarded a plane for Kangerlussuaq, the first of 3 flights on the journey home. Today's flight had in store a special treat- the route took us down the Jakobshaven glacier to where it emptied into the sea, and past the small town of Illulisat, north along the coast from Kangerlussuaq.

We approach the end of the fjord, where icebergs float out into the sea.

the town of Illulisat

Ever hear the expression 'tip of the iceberg'? It's used because icebergs float about 90% submerged, so you only see a tenth of the ice that's there. Here you can see some of the ice below, connecting the dual tips of this berg.

Tomorrow, I'll be flying on the Air Greenland flight to Coppenhagen, spend the night in Coppenhagen, and then catch the flight to London and home. Almost there!


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