Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tasks you just don't want to do!

You know how challenging it is to get out of a warm sleeping bag in
the morning?  Imagine you're having to do just that, but it's -22 C
outside.  Much nicer just to stay in bed, right?  Well, not an
option.  Getting out of the warm bag, putting on clothes, crawling out
into the pretty-much whiteout conditions...

Now imagine having to do that at 3 am.

And then again at 4 am.

And then again at 5 am....

And at that point, I just give up and figure the pleasure of being in
the warm sleeping bag is not worth the difficulty of getting out of it
again and again and again...   so at that point I just stay up.

Why am I doing this?  It's not what you might think.  On a flight day,
the aviation weather office in McMurdo wants hourly updates on our
current weather, starting 6 hours before the planned launch of our
aircraft.  Our schedule calls for the plane to leave McMurdo at 9, so
the first observation has to some in at 3.

So, now consider that you're not only getting out of your warm
sleeping bag, but you are then having to see the really lousy flying
weather, record it faithfully, and duly report it to the weather
office in McMurdo, knowing that it will mean the delay or cancellation
of your pull-out flight...

Now that's a task I could do without!  :)


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