Thursday, November 13, 2014

First flight attempt, scrubbed for weather.

After I wrote that last blog post, the aviation folks at McMurdo
offered us a chance to fly today, just in case, and we took them up on
it.  We were not optimistic either, but were just as willing to give
it a try as not...  and it got much nicer in the afternoon and
evening, so we were a little more hopeful.

So I was up at 3am to pass weather observations.  And even from
listening to the wind on my tent I could tell it wouldn't be good.  On
popping out of the tent to look around, I saw we had less than 200
meters of visibility in any direction, and no horizon or surface
definition.  Definitely not flyable weather!  But I dutifully called
it in every hour until the call came at 7:30 that we were cancelled.
Then we set up for some science today, making more temperature
measurements in the borhole.  Better than just waiting!

As I write this, the weather has cleared up again, in the
afternoon/evening.  So we are hopeful again.  We'll see what it looks
like tomorrow morning at 3:00!


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