Monday, November 10, 2014

Almost there!

more Optical logging this morning.  Today we had a bit of a scare,
borehole-logging wise.  We had expanded the centralizers on the
optical televiewer, and this caused the instrument to hang up in the
hole.  When this happens, we need to react quickly, as it could be
catastrophic if too much cable is spooled down the hole, to tangle on
top of the stationary instrument.  This happened once when we were
logging at GISP2, and the result was a knotted cable with a lot of
weight on it; very scary.  Fortunately this time we caught it quickly,
and there were no tangles.  The log went pretty uneventfully after
that, and we started making plans for our EndGame.  We have another
long temperature log to collect tomorrow (between 23 and 25 hours by
my calculations), and then we will be ready to pack up and call in a
plane to take us home!  I'm only hopeful that the weather holds- it's
been beautiful the whole time we've been here, wouldn't it just make
sense if it gets stormy or foggy (the famous Roosevelt Island Fog)
just in time for us to be trying to fly out!

[Maurice, safety mountaineer, paramedic, and cook extraordinaire, making up some toast for a snack]

Fingers crossed for the weather!


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