Saturday, November 08, 2014

Temperatures, take 2.

Today I got up after a restful night, came to the Endurance tent
(where we have our kitchen and borehole logging setup), and checked in
via our HF radio, similar to a ham radio.  It worked well; many people
these days eschew the use of the HF radio in favor of more modern
satellite phones.  I prefer the HF if I can use it, as there are many
benefits, and we don't need satellites for this kind of simple

So, today was another tempmerature log.  We got going quickly, and
were underway down the hole by 9:00.  The whole log down went
smoothly, and we turned around efficiently and are on our way back up
the hole as I type this.  Maurice and David are right now out digging
up our winter-over weather station, while I tend the winch and make
sure things are going smoothly on the trip back up to the surface.

Tomorrow, we start Optical logging!


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