Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Another busy day, all cargo processed!

Unfortunately no pictures from today- we were so busy getting everything done that I didn't think to snap any pictures.  Lets see- we started the day with some more training- our Environmental training (don't spill stuff on Antarctica) was the last in our required set of courses. 

Then we got busy, finding the last-minute items, packing them up, and in particular pulling out our FOOD!  Our goal is to spend about a week at Roosevelt Island, but given the way the weather is there, we're bringing a month's supply of food.  So that took most of the afternoon to get it all squared away. 

In the end, we have lifted, moved, packaged, weighed, measured, and tagged 2,578 pounds of cargo.  Now all we need is a plane in which to load it!  I meet with the flight coordinator to discuss this tomorrow; the most important piece of what we will discuss will be our ACL, or 'allowable cabin load', how much stuff we can safely put on the plane, which depends on the distance being flown, expected weather, and the conditions at the site.  Our ACL will be somewhere between 2,000 and 4,500 pounds.  Given that we've packed already over 2,500, and the three passengers and our gear will add another 600, if they want us to shave our weight down to 2,000, we'll have some very interesting conversations tomorrow! 

But I hope that won't happen.  Stay tuned to see if it does!


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