Sunday, November 02, 2014

Productive first day in MacTown

On Sundays, most of McMurdo Station takes the day off.  As we arrived on station late on a Saturday evening, our first chance to get to some of the offices we need to work with to get our show on the road won't come until  tomorrow morning.  But we need to get turned around and get to Roosevelt Island as soon as possible, so we didn't sit idle.  We managed to find our cargo, check out our tents and camping gear, and get much of it packed up, loaded on a pallet, weighed and measured and ready to load on to the aircraft:

One half of our gear.  There's also a bunch of tents and other equipment.  And still to come are generators and radios, which we couldn't get on a Sunday.  But tomorrow's another day!  And it will be filled with training.  I'll report on it then!


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