Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Extended GRIP

On arriving back at camp, I confered with Kathy, the camp manager, and we decided it was a good day, weatherwise, to make the trip to GRIP, which I needed to do in order to extend the casing of the borehole there.

It was a great day, and in spite of the flat light, we made excellent time on the trip over. The new casing extension was quick and easy to add, so we were quickly on our way again.

The GRIP borehole, over 3000 meters down to bedrock. The blue section is our extension.

On the way back, the light became quite beautiful, and the ride back was very nice. There's something about the flat white, simultaneously featureless and full of the fine detail of sastrugi, that's hard to describe but wonderful. Even harder to capture in a picture, which is why you won't see one attempted here!

Next task is cargo management, and then 2 flights home tomorrow and the next day!


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