Saturday, August 18, 2007

GPS surveying

Well, the winds were slightly better today, and we're now in crunch time, so we had to do our work today, even though the winds were light.

So today, we went out and surveyed 121 snow accumulation stakes, and hauled a GPS survey sled behind us the whole way, to measure the precise topography of our route.

Howie, science tech, measures the difference betwen the actual snow surface and the bottom of our GPS sled. This is important for constraining the exact surface height within centimeters.

OUr survey was successful, largely because of the time I was able to take yesterday refining the technique we used.

Here's the GPS survey sled (the 'pod') in action. The small disc mounted on top in the rear is the GPS antenna.

Tomorrow, we'll go to GRIP to survey they casing there to see if there's any damage. Hoping for good weather!


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