Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back for another season!

I'm back in Greenland for another season- the last for this project. This year the main project objective is to pull out our equipment and pack it for return to the US. Of course there are, as usual, some add-on experiments to do, and so I'll spend some time doing those as well.

For now, we're on weather hold; we flew from New York to Kangerlussuaq yesterday, and were scheduled for a flight to Summit this morning, but after we'd loaded on the plane, the crew were going through the pre-flight checklists and found a problem in one of the engines, so they shut down and we all climbed off and waited on the tarmac while they worked on repairing the engine.

20 minutes later, we'd boarded and were going through the preflight checks again when the weather came in up at Summit; winds of 30 knots, blowing snow, and visibility down to 200 meters.

A plot of wind speed at Summit today; guess when we were on the ground fixing the plane!

So we were cancelled for the day, which allowed me to do some testing of equipment that I've borrowed for one of the add-on experiments. This was successful, so everything's now re-packed and ready to go on the plane. We're scheduled to fly tomorrow morning _very_ early; our bags need to be ready to go by 4 am. It'll be an early night tonight, and hopefully I'll post tomorrow from Summit!


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