Sunday, August 19, 2007

Inspection of the GRIP casing

The video inspection of the GRIP casing went very well. The casing is completely intact, right down to the ice plug we have known about since 1996. There was a bit of snow on the walls of the casing in some places, but not very much. In all these images the depth in the upper left corner is nominally feet.

A typical casing joint in the shallower regions of the casing. No noticable damage here.

A typical casing joint in the seeper sections of the casing. Snow on the joint is evident, but it doesn't look like there's any buckling. Seems like maybe this casing is a stronger kind of fiberglass.

The ice plug, right where we expected to find it. In past seasons when wanting to do a deep log, we've brought a large, heavy piece of steel and used it as a battering ram to break the ice plug apart so that we could get logging tools in and out. Of course, since we didn't have tools to fish out the broken pieces, it re-forms again soon after our operations are completed.


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