Monday, August 06, 2007

Repairs and packing

Sorry, no decent pictures today, but then there wouldn't have been much to see. Today was a day for checking out my equipment and getting gear ready for tomorrow's flight to Raven. The science techs did a great job packing my gear, and noted where there was a loose connection for the video data, so I was able to pull the system apart and solder in a new wire with little fuss.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we fly to Raven, via Narsarsuak. Might be a nice flight, with some good views; on the other hand, we might get scrubbed by weather at either of 2 locations- frequent readers of this blog will note that it does indeed happen. Anyway, stay tuned- if I don't post tomorrow evening, it means I made it to Raven and am getting to work!


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