Sunday, August 05, 2007

Arrived in Greenland!

Well, I've made it to Greenland once again. One night in Copenhagen, then by a miracle of jet engines and time zones, we flew away from Copenhagen at 09:25 this morning, and arrived in Kangerlussuaq at 09:45 this morning. Odd, huh? But I sure am JetLagged!

I've got today and tomorrow to get my gear ready to head to Raven on Tuesday, so I mostly took it easy today, repacking a few boxes and arranging a few things. Tomorrow I'll test out the logging gear lately arrived from Summit, and make 'final' preparations for the trip to Raven. Apparently we're heading to Narsarsuak, at the Southern tip of Greenland, to drop off some cargo before heading up to Raven. Should be an interesting flight, with hopefully some good views.

In the afternoon, I went with Ed Stockard, logistics man of mystery, paraglider pilot, and photographer extraordinaire, to see if he could get some good photos of a Peregrine Falcon he knew of. We drove out of town a ways and then set out on foot. After about 15 minutes of walking, we were warned by the falcon that we were getting close. We climbed up a little and Ed set up his camera to see if he could get a good shot.

I didn't get any good Falcon photos, but Ed's got some good ones over at his his flickr photo page. The view was excellent from where we were, though the falcon was swooping down at us. We took some photos and then went on our way.


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