Saturday, April 29, 2006

Midre Lovebreen- Day 3

Well, it seems quite a thing to get out 3 days in a row in this weather! Today we went to Midre Lovebreen again, to finish what we'd set out to do yesterday. We had a slightly later start (it _is_ saturday, after all), but got out and started driling. The wind started to pick up, and the snow started to come down. Put them both together and it becomes a bit more difficult to work. We were able to get our core drilled and the log started, and since it was no picnic outside, we piled into the logging tent to have a picnic inside!

Knut, Kirsty, and Pascual (L-R) have lunch in the relative calm of the tent.

I didn't take too many pictures outside, but I decided to try to make a short movie with my digital camera to try to convey some of the way the wind was. This is my first try embedding a quicktime movie in the blog, but lets try:

Press play on the lower left to start. Note that the wind is fairly loud- if you have, say, a napping baby nearby, you might want to turn your speakers down first.

If this isn't working for you, try downloading it directly:
CLICK FOR MOVIE (8 MB download)

in the end, we got the core, got the log, and because of all the snow, we're scheduled to go out on the Kongsvagen tomorrow- fingers crossed!


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