Friday, April 28, 2006

Another day on Midre Lovebreen

It was fairly warm again last night, but it didn't rain much, so we were confident we could get back out to Midre Lovenbreen again. The plan today was to collect some radar profiles, drill a shallow core, and make 2 density logs.

The first step in any day, after getting packed up and loaded on our sleds is to drive to the edge of town, stop, and load our rifles. We always have to carry these in case of Polar Bears.

The surface was a little softer than yesterday, but we all made it up onto the galcier without any trouble.

After drilling an exploratory hole, the next step was to make radar measurements:

Getting the C-band radar set up on the sled.

Then we set up the logging system and got the density log started. While we ran the log, we also got started drilling the core.

The view of drilling operations from the logging tent.

After about 3 meters of coring, we were not getting very good core quality, which makes the core difficult to analyze. Because of this, we decided to come back with some new drill gear, which we hope will collect a better core. By this time it was late afternoon, and a core takes many hours to drill, so we'll have to do this tomorrow. Still, we got a good density log and radar profiles. Right now it's raining pretty hard, though, which might make getting out tomorrow difficult. The temperature is supposed to drop tomorrow, so we hope to get some snow on the route to the Kongsvagen, maybe enabling us to get out there Sunday. fingers crossed!


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