Saturday, October 25, 2014

Back to the Antarctic! Roosevelt Island, 2014

I'm headed South again.  This fall, I will attempt once again to actually get to Roosevelt Island, the location of the Roosevelt Island Climate Evolution (RICE) project.  Our work there this season will involve geophysical borehole logging of the borehole that's left over from the ice-coring operation that was completed in 2012 (some of you will remember my ill-fated attempt to get to Roosevelt Island in January of 2013...

Hope things go better this time.  We'll be going in light, with a crew of three: myself, Dartmouth senior David Clemes-Sewall, and Maurice Conway, a highly experienced Kiwi field mountaineer.  We hope to be onsite for only a week or so, but if you check out my last attempt, you will see that weather trumps all down there. 
Here's where we're trying to get; a small ice-rise in the Ross Ice Shelf.  But first, I take a bus to Boston (I'm writing this on that same bus), then fly to LA, to Syndey, to Aukland, NZ, to Christchurch, NZ, wait (hopefully only) a day in Christchurch, and then to McMurdo station, Antarctica.  Then the really challenging flying is getting out to the Island.  Stay Tuned!


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