Thursday, July 17, 2014

Miles and Miles

Today was an exercise in the "possible".  Our plan A was that we would work all day with the helicopter at our site, and then head back to Ilulissat, spend the night, and then tomorrow get fly in a helicopter to Kangerlussuaq, first stop on the way home.

But first, we had to get out to our site, and weather has to be good.  So we started the morning like any other, an early breakfast and getting ready to go.  I almost never believe it will go off without any delays, but this morning it did!  We arrived at the helicopter ready to go, and shortly thereafter we took off for our site.

As it turned out, the weather was spectacular.  We visited 9 new sites and collected close to a kilometer of kinematic GPS at each one, bringing our total to about 18 km or a bit over 11 miles total.  So a greatly successful day.
I couldn't resist getting a quick selfie for the blog as I walked along in incredible weather...

When I called Kathy on the coast to check in, we learned that a new option had come up for our transport back to Kangerlussuaq; a Beachcraft King Air (also from Air Greenlnad, and we would be able to take it back to Kangerlussuqk.  We jumped at the opportunity...  But the caveat was that the King Air was slated to leave at 5:30, and we were arriving in the helicopter at 4:15...  still having to pack up our gear and get everything ready to go.

But we went for it, and just worked quickly and efficiently to get all of our cargo packed...  and it was less stuff than I'd thought! 
Here are the team and the cargo! all ready to go.

And here's the King Air- it was really fast down to Kangerlussuaq.  And now we're here, and I'll have a flight to Summit tomorrow before we head back home on the 18th.

What a whirlwind!  More after the summit trip tomorrow. 


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