Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flying home first class on a C-17

Though the fog persisted today and visibility was poor, our
scheduled Air Greenland flight took off as planned (weather was
fine at its destination).  From there, it felt like we were
rock-stars; because our timing was right, we were able to hitch a
ride on an empty C-17 cargo jet that was heading back to New York
from Kangerlusuaq.  They waited just for us.  So when we got off
the plane, we were met by Audry, our CPS contact in Kangerlussuaq;
we piled our bags into her truck, and she drove us directly to the
C-17, which already had its engines running.  Strapped ourselves
in, and we took off for New York and home.  Our total time on the
ground was probably no more than 30 minutes, including waiting for
our baggage...  And did I mention legroom?  I'd never flown a C-17
before, and with no cargo, there was plenty of room to stretch out:

   That's all for this trip- check back in for the next one!


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