Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sunday- No-fly day

Nobody flies on Sunday in Greenland, so flying today wasn't an
option.  But the good news is that it isn't great weather for
flying anyway- we might well have been grounded even if we had
been scheduled to fly.

So, today is a day for looking at data, making sure our plans for
tomorrow are complete, and, I have to say, making time to post to
this blog for the first time in a while!

Fortunately, we're staying in a place (the annex of the Hotel
Hvide Falk) that has plenty of room to spread out our gear and
work.  Here Lauren and Kristin work on thier computers in the
central living area.

A view of the Hotel Hvide Falk from the water.  We are staying in
the Annex, which is the brown building just below and to the
right of the main building.

The view of Disko bay from our place.


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