Thursday, May 03, 2012

Back in Ilulissat- spring 2012

Back on the ice again.  This spring we are in Ilulissat,
Greenland, to service the stations we installed last year at our
 boreole sites, as well as several other GPS stations, some of
 which had been installed the year before.  This spring, it's a
 short trip, 10 days in Ilulissat, visiting our sites (12 in all)
 by helicopter; the area is too crevassed to travel on the surface
 to many of the sites, and we only need a couple of hours at each

 Here are my colleagues (from left) Claudia, ETH Zurich, Lauren,
 UTIG Austin, and Kristin (Dartmouth)- we're getting our gear
 packed in loads for the first helicopter flight day, which is

 Our loads all packed and ready.  We'll operate in two teams of
 two, with the helicopter moving us from site to site as needed.  I
 talked with Tonny Olsen, our Bell 212 pilot, and outlined our plan
 for tomorrow- we'll start bright and early with an 08:00
 departure- ready to go!


At 14:41, Blogger Tonny Olsen said...

Hi Bob
Nice blog of your... enjoyed readings this!

Take care and hope to see all of you again next season..


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