Wednesday, June 16, 2010

North Winds and IT issues

This morning we woke up at 5, ready to head out to our site for another melt pit, but when I got out of my tent to walk to the Big House, I noticed we had winds from the North, which means no motorized travel- we were stuck in camp for at least the morning.

In some ways this was lucky, as Summit had been experiencing some network problems for the last day or so, and this allowed me to help troubleshoot them. It's a complex system, with a central server and wireless bridges to 10 other structures on station. Troubleshooting took me, Lana the Science tech, Andreas from another science group, and Andrew Young, on the phone from California and also logged in remotely. We finally traced the problem to a faulty ethernet switch, and when we replaced that, we had fixed the problem. This took most of the day, but as the winds were from the North all day, we were stuck in "town" anyway...


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