Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Further Borehole Inspection...

Yesterday, I inspected the newly-drilled DISC borehole casing and my battery lasted far longer than it had on my previous GISP2 inspection. So today I decided to attempt to reach the fluid in the GISP2 borehole, to see the extent of any other damage, and to see if pieces of casing were afloat on the fluid.

Here's a section that is so damaged I'm surprised any tools were able to fit down the hole last time we were here logging, in 2004.

This example is typical of the state of many of the casing joints. There's some damage, but it's not too bad.

Here is the casing just above the fluid level. My old logbooks indicate that tools have definitely snagged here on the way up...

And at last I made it to the fluid. It was a little unnerving- when I stopped the winch the camera continued to creep downhole, because of the amount of weight on the cable; I had to quickly hit the brake to keep the camera from splashing down! Not sure if that is casing bits on top or not. Any ideas?


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