Friday, May 13, 2005

With the Danes at North GRIP

The following summer, Gregg asked me to go to Greenland again, this time to run his logging system since he was unable to go. This team would be a reunion of sorts, since it would be composed of Gary Clow, Ryan Bay, me, and Frank Urban, who'd recently taken a post with the USGS.

The deep logging team at North GRIP

Our objective this time was to carry out deep logging in the North GRIP borehole, a project of the Glaciology group at the University of Copenhagen, which was nearly complete. We had to work fast, because we needed to finish our loggging before the drillers started to drill again, to avoid the disturbance caused by the drilling. The drillers themselves had an ambitious schedule, and were keen to get rolling. So we went in on the put-in flight, and were dropped off by the C-130 to start digging out the camp, which was buried under drifts from the previous winter.

Digging out the garage, to get to the heavy equipment...

Like this giant snowblower, which makes the rest of the job easier!

Once we got set up, the logging went very smoothly, and we had a good season at North GRIP. It was a great experience and a treat to be part of an international camp.


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