Saturday, June 06, 2015

Last day of surveying!

Today we picked up our final three survey poles, but it was a pretty long drive; we went 36 km Eest to get across the ice divide, meaning we should see ice flowing to the East there.

After a long drive, we were ready for a snack- Joanna chose a frosty one...

Also out that direction is the last remaining evidence of a European drilling camp, populated in the late '80s and early '90s.  In its heyday, this camp had domes, tents, many structures, and a deep borehole that I've visited in years past

Now all that is exposed at the surface is the old HF radio antenna, which the camp used for communications with the outside world.  Times have changed and now the antenna above my head is a large dish that connects to a satellite- a different world indeed, that enables this blog post in fact!

The "interesting" news is that we were supposed to have a flight arrive today, but it was grounded with a mechanical issue- which apparently grounded the second plane in Kangerlussuaq as well- so flights are cancelled for tomorrow too.  With luck, we'll be able to fly out on Monday...  Fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, we'll try launching the UAV tomorrow, now that the GPS work is done.  Stay tuned!


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